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Segmentation Driven Marketing Plan & Retention / Loyalty Program Design


  • Mid-sized division of Deluxe prints focusing on business printing needed a more focused growth and upsell/cross sell capability
  • Precision Marketing to improve sales without increasing marketing budget sign
  • Wanted to incorporate parent company segment knowledge
  • No clear understanding of what was working (not working) on online path to purchase
  • Wanted best practices for email revenue lift
  • Needed to understand competitive market and churn factors to determine how to retain highly fluid customer base
  • No rewards/loyalty programs in place made them highly vulnerable in cut-throat market


  • Completed a full segmentation study including all facets of data
  • Identified top 3 segments with highest Lifetime Value and further researched needs/behavior online and offline
  • Blended with Deluxe segmentation data to ID cross over sales opportunities
  • Developed a buyer journey and buyer personas
  • Created a competitive matrix of loyalty/reward programs for top 8 online print shops
  • Researched customer input through survey
  • Created a rewards plan based on the compilation of several successful strategies
  • Tied in gift and referral program


  • New program very successful
  • Added new email marketing capabilities (staff and technology) to leverage knowledge
  • Increased sales