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Multi-Brand / Retail Journey Map


⚬ Client had several failures to launch CRM programs. Sales/Marketing not in agreement on how to proceed
⚬ Realized technology plan would not work without a Go-to-Market Strategy and clearer understanding of Marketing/Sales Needs/Objectives Business Requirements
⚬ Concern about alienating Resellers kept them from collecting relevant end user data – Sales and Marketing often blind in trying to create lead nurturing programs


⚬ Organizational assessment across Sales, Marketing and Service to determine gaps in CRM efforts
⚬ Created Touchmap to fully understand grower through retailer and distributor journey
⚬ Developed initiatives to close gaps (OPIT)
⚬ Developed requirements, RFP’s and managed bid processes for MRM, CRM solutions
⚬ Developed Sales and Marketing Training for Segmentation and 1:1 Marketing concepts


⚬ Created a customer experience that drives brand loyalty, resulting in shared value for the customer and the company
⚬ Develop a 360 view of the customer to deliver what they need, when they need it, and how they want it
⚬ Leverage customer data to drive actionable insights & measurable ROI
⚬ Identify ”quick wins” while working towards the long term strategy
⚬ Leverage the strategic framework from NA to enable it to scale to a global footprint