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Multi-Brand Marketing Department Diagnostic and Improvement Roadmap


⚬ Marketing struggling with increased email and DM campaign execution
⚬ Low level of confidence in data/reporting
⚬ Poor data availability, accuracy, fitness for purpose
⚬ Manual campaign design, approval, load and tracking process decreased ability to meet sales/lead generation goals


⚬ Formal diagnostic process included reviews of people, process, technology and data across 4 lines of business/brands
⚬ Recommended 19 initiatives organized by timing and importance
⚬ Developed shared services team including MKT/IT/HR/Operations to execute on initiatives
⚬ Specific process and data recommendations to improve through quick hits and strategic outsourcing


⚬ Marketing increased campaign execution programs by 50%
⚬ SI contracted to work on initiatives
⚬ Automated 20-30% of loads and other manual campaign efforts
⚬ Outsourced email marketing and analytics temporarily to alleviate overtime and improve targeting accuracy