Journey Mapping, Segmentation & Lifecycle Contact Strategy


  • Hospitality conglomerate had multiple properties with different experiences
  • In order to drive revenue using new segmentation and marketing platform needed to understand guest journey
  • Marketing was challenged with pulling emotional and rational information together
  • No 360-degree view to support strategy and precision marketing
  • Multiple platforms and data sets were difficult to assess for purposes of consolidation and aggregation
  • Data scattered across 5 LOB’s, 3 reservation systems, multiple POS and Food/Beverage systems


  • Developed journey maps for top brands and properties
  • Identified strengths and weaknesses for each property across customer lifecycle
  • Created a lifecycle marketing strategy
  • Audited every company ‘screen’ to determine current data captured at touchpoints
  • Reviewed each datastore and dictionary to determine potential
  • Evaluated data for the 4 “A’s” – Accuracy, Availability, Actionable, Adequate for purpose
  • Created a framework for as is and to be state
  • Rolled up data elements into a common spreadsheet to determine potential
  • Developed data tables to identify data strategy for exact data elements to be built into central datamart


  • Using as a basis for future go to market strategy
  • Creating lifecycle marketing using new toolkit
  • Using as a basis for building a CRM/Sales/Marketing database


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