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Customer Experience Improvement & Experience Mapping Process Development


  • CCG group experiencing low conversion rates
  • Contact centers not effectively managing customer satisfaction
  • Complex hand offs between Bank, Mortgage division and Wells finance resulted in lost customers
  • IT and process teams not able to understand ‘voice of the customer’ as it was presented by marketing
  • CCG division Gallup Poll indicated that there were major gaps in customer experience for loan products
  • Internal experience group needed process and methodology to communicate as is and to be states
  • Weak tie between customer experience desired and actual experience due to poor communications


  • Developed a Customer Experience Map (as is and to be) to drive a process improvement roadmap for Wells Fargo Bank CCG group.
  • Targeted HELOCs and secured loans.
  • Focused on improving operations in call centers for back office tasks such as loan on boarding, management, payout and incoming loan transfers. Developed phased initiatives to improve hand offs between internal groups and to bridge manual processes
  • Developed process framework
  • Created detailed Level 1-4 Processes for Wells Fargo CCG group.
  • Mapped to Corporate Process initiative to ensure strong connection between two group’s Process Maps and Process Narratives, Interface Requirements etc.


  • Higher conversion rate for Bank Mortgage products across all channels
  • VOC incorporated into technical processes and training
  • Templates and tools used across division to improve experience and ROI
  • New processes developed to effectively communicate customer experience and desired processes across all channels
  • Process narratives and templates replaced all other tools to create a standard approach
  • Higher level of adoption and improved experiences at contact center and branch