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What our clients say about what we do...

"Michael is a brilliant architect and developer. He is able to develop big-picture, enterprise-level solutions and equally dig down into code. He is a pleasure to work with and for. I've enjoyed working with him in all capacities in which we've engaged over the past 10 years...."

John Tisdale
Director Central Development
Starwire Corporation

"The East Bay Group is one of the smartest, most results-oriented, hardest working and kind-hearted consultants I have had the pleasure to work with. Why is EBG continually asked to come back to previous clients? Because they and the people they bring in to solve problems actually get what the client wants done -- all the while pushing their clients to do even better. The East Bay Group and their company are successful because their long list of clients (over a long period of time} are successful with their contributions...."

Lane Michel
Senior Partner
Peppers & Rogers Group

"Valerie is an amazing consultant with a very strong understanding of marketing. She is results driven and an asset to The East Bay Group. She has a great personality and a positive attitude. I am eager to continue to execute many more marketing projects with Valerie...."

Daniel Estrada Arellano

The East Bay Group

What we do

We help your business grow by taking your Customer Insight and applying it to your unique experience.

Think Psychology meets Methodology and Technology....

We at The East Bay Group have an aversion to forcing you into "cookie-cutter" solutions proposed by most consultancies just because it's more efficient. Our work focuses on understanding your customers -- statistically, behaviorally and emotionally; and helping you leverage that knowledge.

By taking a customer-eye view of your company, we identify the gaps within your organization, processes, information and technology. Then we look from the outside in - across your customer's journey to identify what works and what doesn't. Inside out and outside in -- we identify and prioritize your opportunities, gap fillers and innovative ideas to create a path to success.

How we do it

When you hire the East Bay Group you get us. No junior staff -- just us seasoned professionals. We are unlike traditional consultants. Here's how:

Traditional Consultants East Bay Group
Tell you what to do, or do it for you Shows you how to do it, and helps where needed
Donít reveal the guts of their methodology Shows all, tells all
Seek "co-dependent" relationships to generate perpetual customers Helps build self-sufficiency in clients, knows loyalty must be re-earned continually
Business model leverages the "body shop" needs of clients, and profiting on the arbitrage between hiring cheap and renting high Business model is a vast portfolio of plug-in capabilities - products and services - based on a self-regulated subscription model
Sells from the top, serves from the bottom
Clients choose from a menu of services, and define our involvement
Continually sells new engagements throughout the existing one Provides self-selection or guided-selection of new services
Believe they (and only they) have the secret to success Believes you have the ingredients for success; you just need a plan, methodology, and tool to enable you
Rely on rigid methodologies; forcing compliance on the client Relies on the creative mix of an almost unlimited range of support options


Contact us...

Identify a problem and see what East Bay Group can do to help you solve it yourself.... with a little help in the right places. For more information contact:

Valerie Peck: (510) 655-6511